William D. Elliott
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Professional Background



William D. Elliott represents businesses and their owners. Using innovative billing arrangements, Mr. Elliott believes that the business owner should be able to retain a lawyer on a fee basis that makes legal fees affordable and predictable, and creates an incentive for the lawyer to be efficient and attain the client goals on time and on budget. Finally, Mr. Elliott wants a fee arrangement that invites the client to seek legal counseling and consultation.

As an experienced tax lawyer, Mr. Elliott understands that taxes form a material part of most business decisions. Yet, the real world reality is that the business owner wants and needs legal expertise spanning a wider array of needs than just taxation. Therefore, Mr. Elliott’s twin board specializations of Taxation and Estate Planning & Probate equip Mr. Elliott to handle the business owner’s individual, family and business legal needs.

Tax Practice

Mr. Elliott’s tax experience is extensive. Representing taxpayers with disagreements with the IRS is a material part of his tax work. Also, his experience includes the full array of business transactions, such as the purchase and sale of business, reorganizations, management succession, buy-sell agreements, and other important milestones in the life of a business of which tax issues form a material part.

Estate Planning

Mr. Elliott’s estate planning experience is also extensive, including complex, large net worth clients, multi-generational estate planning, and private and public non-profit organizations. Of importance, Mr. Elliott believes a client is best served by his estate planning work coordinated with the business legal representation.


Texas Law, Texas Board of Legal Specialization
Estate Planning & Probate, Texas Board of Legal Specialization


Practice Areas

Representing Businesses and Owners
Estate Planning
Business Transactions
IRS Controversies


New York University School of Law, May 1974 – LLM (in Taxation)
Southern Methodist University School of Law, May 1973 – JD
Southeastern State College, Durant, OK, May 1970 – B.S. in Economics

Awards & Recognition

Fellow, American College of Tax Counsel
Former Chair of the Board, State Bar of Texas, 2005
Former Chair, Section of Taxation, State Bar of Texas, 1995
Stanley Scott Award, Dallas Chapter of CPAs, 2010
Dan Price Award, Texas Bar Foundation, 2008
Former President, SMU Law School Alumni Association
Supreme Court appearance, United States v. Rodgers, 461 U.S. 677 (1983)
Life Fellow, Texas Bar Foundation
College of State Bar (1989-present)

Public Service

Board Member, North Texas Tollroad Authority (appointed by Governor Perry January 2012)
Former Chair, Farmer’s Market Tax Increment Finance District, City of Dallas.
Former Board Member, Trinity River Authority (1989-1995)(appointed by Governor Clements)
Former Member, State of Texas Depository Board (1978-1982)(appointed by Governor Clements)
Leadership Dallas (1982)

Advise on acquisition of private aircraft with emphasis on minimizing state and local taxation on acquisition and operation of aircraft

Sports Business
Advise professional athlete on strategies in structuring business entity to minimize state and location taxation

Advise internet services company from start-up through sale, including particular attention to entity formation, sweat equity to key employees, and sale of company to Silicon Valley purchaser, including negotiation and documenting acquisition transaction and various restrictive covenants and employment agreements

Executive Compensation
Represent CEO candidate in hiring negotiations for large company, including negotiation and drafting of employment agreement, equity based compensation, and various restrictive covenants

Advise telecommunications company on national state and local tax implications of business formation and selection of location venue, including in-depth analysis and strategies on taxation of telecommunications and internet-based services by various state and municipal governments

Tax Controversy
Represent investors in large, hotly contested tax motivated investment (commonly know as a tax shelter) before the IRS

Food Services
Represent restaurant company as consulting general counsel with respect to various corporate and business issues, including expansion of restaurant locations, planning to minimize state franchise tax; organizing ownership of intellectual property incident to operation of business; advise on buy-out of minority partners

Tax Controversy
Represent taxpayer in seeking claim for refund and in subsequent litigation to obtain refund of penalties imposed by IRS in tax motivated investment

Estate Planning
Represent large, multi-generational agricultural based business family in an in-depth estate plan, including long-term dynasty trusts, family partnerships, private foundation and valuation issues

Criminal Tax
Served as tax counsel in advising taxpayers involved in allegations of failure to file returns and report income

Tax Controversy
Represent financial institution in challenges by IRS for failure of financial institution to comply with IRS levy

Executive Compensation
Advise top executives of financial institutions on issues involving tax and creditors’ rights issues involved in various funding and unfunded deferred compensation arrangements

Corporate Merger and Sale
Advised controlling group of community bank on strategies to prepare for sale of bank and formation of ESOP

Estate Planning
Advised multi-generation ranching family on estate planning issues arising from extensive holdings of ranch land through western U.S.

Corporate Asset Purchase
Represented manufacturing and technical services company on purchase of key technology and manufacturing processes for aviation industry, including negotiation and documenting of purchase and sale transaction, restrictive covenants

Acted as consulting general counsel in advising technology company on forming and operating a large scale direct sales organization

Represented estate of owner and operator of motels, with particular attention given to preparation and planning for estate tax return, negotiation of various creditors’ claims, including secured lenders

Represented estate of CEO of financial institution dying intestate

International Tax
Advised US resident in international business on international tax issues arising from retirement from employment, including issues of foreign withholding, drafting deferred compensation and severance arrangements

Corporation Merger and Sale
Represented and advised owner of wholesale building products on sale of company, including issues involving (1) uncooperative spouse of owner, (2) utilizing Chapter 11 proceeding to gain approval of sale, and (3) secured lenders

Tax Controversy
Represented and advised publicly held US based technology company on issues arising from aggravated IRS audit examination, including IRS summons

Tax Controversy
Represented widow in IRS litigation involving widow’s separate property rights


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Texas Taxes Annotated, West Pub. Co. (2014) (co-authored with Scott Morris)

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